1. What is the wonder.full gift concept?
Wonder.full is about prepackaged experiences in a box.
Are you looking for that perfect gift to give someone?
Choose one of our boxes: Harmony, Glamour, Gourmet or Adventure. Hand it to that lucky someone.
Each box includes a catalogue with activity options and a voucher.
The lucky receiver chooses his/her favourite activity, contacts the provider,
gives them the voucher and enjoys his/her experience.
2. How long is the voucher valid for?
The lucky receiver has one full year to enjoy his/her gift, beginning on the day the gift was purchased.
3. I received a box, how can I know the expiry date?
Go to www.awonderfullbox.com, click on "my box", and enter your box number.
4. I lost my catalogue, how can I check my activities?
Go to www.awonderfullbox.com, click on "my box", and enter your box number,
you will find the list of activity options related to your voucher.
5. Are the activities in the catalogue up-to-date?
Activities might change from the ones in the catalogues. Some might be cancelled and others added.
For a more up-to-date list, refer to our website by clicking on "my box".
6. I received a box, how does it work?
1. Check your voucher’s expiry date on www.awonderfullbox.com by clicking on "my box" and entering your voucher number.
2. Pick one activity from our catalogue of bewilderments. For a more up-to- date list, refer to our website.
3. Contact the selected provider and book your favourite experience. Feel the excitement.
4. Go to your selected provider, show them the voucher and live your wonder moment to the fullest.
7. Can I exchange my box?
Yes you can. Send us an email at hello@awonderfullbox.com